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Biomechanics & Automotive Engineering

JPR’s Biomechanical Engineering specialty, based in its Philadelphia Area office, represents over fifteen (15) years experience with biomechanical injury reconstruction, including industrial, (e.g., forklifts and industrial lifts), construction, and utility accidents. JPR staff has extensive experience with vehicular issues, including motor vehicle accidents—frontal collisions, rear-end impacts, lateral collisions, rollovers, collisions involving child restraints, and other collisions—to determine occupant kinematics, contacts, and mechanism of injuries. The Firm’s analyses have been used to address maters such as whether a true injury occurred (injury causation); how injury occurred (injury mechanism); and evaluation of situations where an accident is un-witnessed or there are conflicting accounts.

JPR’s biomechanical professionals also have analyzed incidents on work sites and in community settings, involving employees, consumers, and unauthorized users. Experience includes issues involving: Fall protection, Fire-fighting & rescue equipment; medical devices/healthcare equipment; industrial equipment accidents; injuries during repair and maintenance tasks; line contact/line down incidents; various types of falls; and evaluations of how the proper use of personal protective equipment would have affected injury.

Another emerging market where JPR’s biomechanical engineering team provides assistance is to the manufacturers and operators of amusement park equipment and attractions. JPR’s engineering team has considerable experience in a variety of roller coaster and other amusement park rides as well as the emerging area of virtual reality in the amusement park environment.

JPR’S biomechanical team also has solid experience in evaluating injuries and injury claims from motor vehicle crashes involving fleet vehicles and pole impacts. JPR bioengineers have experience analyzing all types of injuries, including hand, head injuries, spinal cord, neck and low back injury claims, electric shock, burns, and repetitive injury claims. The team also specializes in assessment of injuries involving helmets/sports equipment.

JPR Detroit staff has extensive experience in creating and review of FMEA including review of failures and warranty claims of various engineered products.

JPR’s Detroit staff consults on wide range of engineering topics: design and analysis of specialty truck equipment, racing vehicles, and specialty vehicles, and provides expert consulting services to investigations into and/or reconstructions of numerous utility task vehicle (UTV) and recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV)-related claims, including testing and evaluation of vehicle performance. Engineering staff performs complex and sensitive mechanical engineering and systems analysis projects across a variety of industries, with particular focus on vehicle performance in crash events. Staff has intensive experience within the automotive industry, including Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler, and Ford, with lead roles in designing, developing, and testing vehicle systems, including overseeing development for the Jeep Liberty (KJ) vehicle line; staff have experience with both automotive company management and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on safety investigations.