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About Us

California Office & Corporate Headquarters

JP Research Inc. is one of the leading safety research and consulting firms in the U.S., providing complex statistical and engineering solutions to a broad range of litigation and research matters. The Firm has established its reputation by consistently delivering its solutions in a timely and cost effective manner for its national client base of legal firms, insurance companies and manufacturing corporations. JPR’s engagements range from helping Clients to better understand the causes of individual accidents being litigated, to assisting our Clients with some of the largest Class Actions in the country.

The Firm’s range of litigation and research services is extensive and specialized in its application and integration of complex statistical and engineering principles. Many of the Firm’s team members have pioneered analyses and methodologies that have been widely adopted and used by the scientific community.

JPR was founded in 1995 by Ms. Jeya Padmanaban, its President and Principal consultant, in response to requests from several of the nation’s top litigation experts, who sought Jeya’s expertise and experience in analyzing automotive safety and risk data derived from national crash databases. JP Research has been breaking ground in the U.S. litigation field ever since through its comprehensive analyses of state-collected and maintained crash data—in particular, of detailed police reports whose entries form the basis of the national crash databases.

Since its founding as a statistical firm in California, JPR has one field office—in Michigan—staffed by world-class automotive engineering talent/specialists.

JP Research India Office

JP Research has pioneered advanced data collection systems globally as well, developing methodologies and designing databases for use in emerging countries such as India with great attention being paid to establishing local factors affecting crash and injury in an environment far removed from the affluent, well-regulated highways, vehicles, and road users typical of first-world countries.

JP Research founded an international consortium to support a Road Accident Sampling System for India (RASSI) and has established a fully incorporated company— JP Research India, Pvt. Ltd —to pursue automotive safety research, accident data collection, and onsite crash investigation in India.