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Pedestrian and Other Traffic Safety

JP Research has long been involved in studies of both local and global traffic issues for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

Several key studies are highlighted below:

Pedestrian Injury Trends

For the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, JP Research addressed adult and child pedestrian injury trends in crashes in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The study looked at data sources, statistical methods used to combine data sources, representativeness of the data, and validity of comparisons of international databases. The study included recommendations of alternate approaches to derive estimates of pedestrian tibia fracture fatalities using large-scale national databases on fatalities.

Trauma/Crash Data Linking

The Traffic Safe Communities projects, undertaken for San Mateo County Health Services (Emergency Medical Services) in 2000-2001, involved linking and analyzing police, hospital, trauma center, and other agency records of motor vehicle crashes for high-population counties. Research included trauma injury profile development and linking of motor vehicle crash data (from California Highway Patrol—SWITRS—data files) and trauma center injury data (from San Francisco General Hospital and Stanford University Medical Center). Findings showed that pedestrians are over represented in serious injury cases, particularly in cities (urban) versus unincorporated county areas.