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JP Research, Inc. is a leading US statistical and engineering research firm providing research and a broad range of litigation support services in the fields of automotive and consumer product safety. The company integrates advanced statistics, data analytics and engineering (mechanical, automotive, design, and bioengineering) disciplines to address global safety research problems. In bringing together highly specialized technical fields of expertise, JP Research’s approaches to problem solving frequently set the bar for future research.


JP Research Inc. performs survival analyses — i.e., time to a failure event — for a variety of products and components. Survival analysis is extremely valuable to manufacturers in assessing and establishing warranty policy for its product. JPR Survival /Failure Analysis services apply across a variety of industries and applications, primarily using warranty/claims and production data.
Risks associated with consumer products are analyzed through use of data from consumer complaint files and Consumer Product Safety Commission databases such as the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) and the Death Certificate File.
For over 20 years JPR has pioneered field performance research and litigation for a wide range of motor vehicles and components. JPR statisticians and Automotive engineers also evaluate the safety and effectiveness of vehicular components, as well as emerging technologies such as ESC, ABS, and other crash avoidance features.
JPR's Engineering specialty combines the principles of mechanical engineering and biological knowledge to address product design and injury causation in research and litigation environments.
JP Research performs statistical and economic valuations for products ranging from luxury vehicles to toilet connectors in order to determine risks, damages and perceived benefits.