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Consumer Product safety

The Company’s experience in litigation-based consumer product and safety/performance analyses has included performing comparative risk and fatal/injury risk analyses for various consumer products (ATVs, water heaters, toys, ladders, etc.). A few such projects are highlighted below:

San Francisco Giants Slide Study

This study examined injuries reported by users of different types of slides provided for fan use in the San Francisco Giant’s ballpark: AT&T Park. JP Research first performed an observational survey of the number of slide users (by attending the home games and tallying the number of trips taken by users) and then compared the risk of injury for a slide user at AT&T Park to the risk of injury to users of playground slides. The study concluded that using the slides at the park presented an extremely low risk of injury compared to the risk associated with other activities.

Recreational Park Trams/Cable Cars

JP Research has performed injury risk assessments for various recreation and tourist-related transportation systems/activities including recreational park tram rides, San Francisco cable car rides, and buses.

Elevator/Escalator Study

JP Research performed a study to examine injuries and fatalities associated with elevators and escalators. To put the risk in perspective, the injury risk of riding elevators/escalators was compared with the injury risk associated with stairs, motor vehicles, and automatic doors. The study concluded that the injury risk for riding elevators/escalators is a very low rate of 96 injuries per billion rides.

Risk of Injury/Fatality for Children (Airbags/Child Seats)

JP Research has performed numerous studies addressing the risk of fatality to children exposed to airbags, child seats, toys, ATVs, and other products and activities.