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Recent Papers and Presentations

Jeya Padmanaban – Published Peer Reviewed Papers by Topic

Papers on Seatbelts

  • “Kid in the Middle: A Discussion of Effectiveness of Center Rear-Seat Restraint Systems,” 50th Annual AAAM Conference Proceedings, Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, October 2006
  • “Review of the Technical Paper: ‘Effectiveness of Lap/Shoulder Belts in the Back Outboard Seating Positions,’ ” Comments on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Docket for NHTSA DOT HS 808 945, November 1999 (with Philip M. Besuner).
  • “Re-Evaluation of Rear Seat Restraint System Effectiveness in Preventing Fatalities, Using Recent Fatal Accident Data,” AAAM Conference Proceedings, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, Barcelona, Spain, September 1999 (with Martin Davis).
  • “Observations Relating to Rear Seat Belt Performance in Severe Frontal Collisions,” ISATA Conference on Ergonomics and Vehicle Safety, Duesseldorf, June 2-5, 1998.
  • “Usage and Effectiveness of Rear-Seat Belt Restraints in Severe Crashes,” ISATA, Florence, Italy, June 16-19, 1997 (with Dr. Charles Warner and Uwe Meissner).
  • “Performance of Passive Restraints in Real World Accidents,” Organizer and Speaker, TOPTEC, Society of Automotive Engineering, San Francisco, California, May 1995.
  • “Comparison of Automatic Front-Seat Outboard Occupant Restraint System Performance,” Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 38th Annual Proceedings, Lyon, France, September 1994 (with R.M. Ray).
  • “Safety Performance of Rear Seat Occupant Restraint Systems,” STAPP Car Crash Conference, Seattle, Washington, November 1992.
  • “Rear Seat Belt Effectiveness for Passenger Cars,” World Congress of The International Association for Accident and Traffic Medicine, Helsinki, Finland, June 1992 (with R.M. Ray).
  • “Automatic Seat Belt System Risk Assessment,” American Society of Mechanical Engineers Winter Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, December 1991 (with R.C. Lange, et al.)
  • “An Assessment of the Accident Experience of Front Seat Outboard Occupants in 1987-1989 Motor Vehicles Equipped with Automatic Seat Belt Systems,” Failure Analysis Associates, Inc. Report, October 1990 (with R.L. Lange and R.M. Ray).
  • “Strengths and Weaknesses of Occupant Restraint Data in State Accident Data Bases,” National Safety Council conference on Traffic Forum, July 1990.
  • “An Evaluation of the NTSB Report Entitled ‘Safety Study-Performance of Lap Belts in 26 Frontal Crashes’ NTSB/55-86/03,” Failure Analysis Report, July 1987 (with R.L. McCarthy and C.S. Davis).